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Types of Loans:

Flexible down payment options, less than 20% down payment requires Mortgage Insurance.

Higher debt-to-income allowed as well as more lenient underwriting. Mortgage insurance is required in all cases.

100% financing, No Mortgage Insurance, available to service member and their spouses.

For loan amount higher than $510,400 (may vary by state). Requires good credit. Down payments and loan amount can vary based on credit.

Idea bulbDOs
*Do continue to make rent or mortgage payments where you are currently living
*Keep your payments current on all debts
*Maintain status quo with spending habits
*Consider enrolling in credit monitoring service to monitor your credit as soon as you decide that you want to buy a home sometime in the future.
*Stay employed with the company on your application or if you must change, keep it in the same line of business and always speak with your lender prior
Idea bulbDON’Ts
*Don’t make any new major purchases
*Don’t apply for new credit

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Mortgage Calculator

Are you looking to buy a new home? Would you like to estimate your monthly mortgage payments beforehand? A home is a large purchase so it’s important to find out on the front end the amount you could expect to pay on a monthly basis. You can use our mortgage tool to calculate your payments and to see how you could pay off your loan sooner.

Moving Day

  • Meet the movers. Greet the moving crew and ensure that all workers are representatives of the moving company you hired.
  • Supervise the load-in. Assign a helper to watch the moving crew stack your belongings inside the truck, keeping an eye out for damage.
  • Clean the old house. Tidy up rooms as the moving crew empties them, or consider hiring a cleaning service.
  • Keep valuables with you. Be sure the movers don’t mistakenly load boxes containing your laptop, jewelry, passports and other irreplaceables you should keep near you at all times.
  • Make a final walk-through. Lock your old home’s windows and doors, turn off lights and ceiling fans and make sure nothing’s left before you leave for good.
  • Roll out the carpet protector. Lay down plastic carpet protector at the new house, if your movers haven’t already done so.
  • Show the moving crew around. Point out specific rooms so boxes end up where they belong.
  • Watch for damaged and missing items. Your movers will make an inventory sheet, called the “bill of lading,” that notes the condition of your items, including damage to any boxes or furniture.
  • Get it in writing. Before the movers leave, sign the inventory sheet — and make sure the mover in charge signs it, too. Get a copy for your records.
  • Do an initial clean. Vacuum and mop floors before you set down furniture; wipe down countertops; and do a deep clean of tubs, showers and toilets.

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Please contact the loan officer at our Round Rock Avenue branch with any mortgage lending questions:

Melissa Lindemann – NMLS# 1426323

(512) 255-2501

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Becky Holcomb

Please contact Becky Holcomb with any mortgage lending questions:

Becky Holcomb – NMLS# 415115



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Ladonna Bishop

Please contact Ladonna Bishop with any mortgage lending questions:

Ladonna Bishop – NMLS# 1385473

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